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Types Of Employee Recognition Awards For any manager or superior, it is important to have a realization that employee recognition awards can just be the right tool in terms of boosting employee’s production as well as enthusiasm. The truth is, there’s a growing number of employers who are now beginning to learn the benefits of these programs when it comes to boosting employee and company’s output as a whole. These awards programs above everything else are so effective at giving more confidence and team spirit in the workplace. Needless to say, it can be hard to decide what specific titles must be awarded to employees. To help you get started with this, let’s take a quick look at some of the best titles for employee recognition awards. Office jester – the idea of too many jokes inside the office leads to inappropriate political or sexist humor makes several high ranking officials in the office to forbid jokes when working. A bit of good and clean jokes on the other hand can be favorable for the office environment. No doubt, awarding best office jester with wonderful engraved plaque can work wonder in encouraging healthy camaraderie and even bond among employees.
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Early riser – cold winter weather as well as morning traffic jams are only some reasons why most employees are crawling to the office just on time instead of having few more minutes to spare. We know the pain that it can bring to get out of the bed and prepare for work. Show early consistent employees how much you appreciate their efforts with this award.
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Job well done – employee recognition awards is something that should not be given to staffs for their good work. Instead, it has to be either awarded or given plaques that honor specific achievements who deserve them. If ever someone did a wonderful job on certain project or account, let them know how much it’s valued with this plaque. Balancing act – work might not be the only challenge that an employee is facing every single day. There are various challenges being faced on a daily basis from part time students, single mothers or people who have double jobs. You should consider rewarding these employees of yours with a well presented Balancing Act award as it makes the receiver feel valued and appreciated by your company. Thus, making them more motivated to work and strive to improve their performance even more. All of these said employee recognition awards work wonderfully for showing employees that your firm really cares about them. But you should not feel limited by this list as these are just few samples of what you can do and give for your employees.