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Safety Tips for Chartering a Private Jet When looking for a private jet charter company for your next flight, there are certain questions you must ask, if only to ensure you will not only be safe during the flight, but that you also get the best value for your cash. Pilot Experience and Training Certainly, the most important crucial safety issue in terms of your private jet charter flight is the experience of the pilots. To save money, there are operators that hire less experienced pilots who only meet minimum Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. More experienced pilots cost pricier to hire, while less experienced ones are often willing to work for a lower pay just to gain experience.
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Based on an FAA requirement, a private jet charter or fractional flight pilots needs to have from 1000 – 1500 hours of flight experience. A lot of fractional operators require their pilots to have 2500 + hours of flight experience. Certain jet charter operators just impose the FAA minimums, which isn’t very good news for clients. Some operators may hire an experienced captain, but put a less experienced pilot in the right seat. Again, not so comforting.
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On the other hand, higher-end private jet charter operators are more conscious about safety, making sure that their pilots far exceed the FAA’s minimum requirements. Aviation best practices dictate that both should be captain-qualified and have no lower than 5000 hours of flight experience. In addition, top operators oblige their pilots to attend simulator-based emergency training at least once a year. Safety Record An operator’s safety record is obviously a very important factor to be considered when choosing a private jet charter company – even more important than experience. An operator that with independent third-party accreditation puts great value on safety, and satisfies higher operational and safety standards than those imposed by the FAA. There are different ways to determine an operator’s safety record: > Call the FAA’s local office – the Flight Standards District Office – and ask if the operator has figured in any accidents or incidents. > Request a Wyvern report (Wyvern is the top provider of aircraft charter operator safety reports). Specifically, ask for the PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey), which covers the pilots’ experience levels, their training, and the company’s safety statistics. > Call the operator, asking what their safety rating is, and if their operations have been audited by any third party. The primary industry auditors include Wyvern, IS-BAO, the Air Charter Safety Foundation and ARG/US. If the operator has successfully completed an audit by any of these organizations, you can rest assured that they are meeting the highest possible standards of aviation safety.