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Different Techniques From Different Camera Crane Movements. Entertainment is something that is so much demanding in the world today. Among the many different forms of entertainment the article will only put focus on the visual entertainment. The many programs in the television today require that there are a number of equipment to make. This is all with a reason of satisfying the entertainment crave of the audience. To make a very good visual entertainment there is need to have camera cranes and jibs among other equipment. There are different sizes and design of these mechanical devices. When crane movements are added with other dolly techniques they can be used to add drama effects to a production. There are so many factors that go beyond the fact that cranes only move up and down. The rise up technique is the most common thing that could be done using a jib crane. The camera is slowly dragged upwards. The usefulness of this technique are so many depending on what the director has in store for the audience of the production. The most common case where this shot could be used is in the case of rising up to the close up of a character. Sometimes this crane technique is used to give a glimpse of what is on the other side of an obstacle. A revealing technique is also a good name to call this based on the above explanation. Another very good movement of the crane is known as the crane up and away technique. This technique works best for moving characters like cars. The start will be of the closer shot of the character in question. What follows is the movement releasing the whole of the character to be seen from the screen as the camera goes further away. The more the character which in this case is a car moves away from the set the camera moves up putting it back to the set.
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A crane down and closer technique is another very good trick. This is basically the opposite of the shot above. It starts with the car far away and the camera crane either far up in the sky. Then the camera will move almost like into the character. When the character is moving you will find something closer to perfect from the technique.
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Another very beautiful shot is a crane down with a look up technique. In this technique it will start with the camera and the object clearly in the same horizontal level. The next thing is to move the camera downwards while it is still in focus of the character. That leaves the object in position and the camera down tilted in focus of the character. The conclusion of the angle movement would be said to be a dramatic angle from a normal angle.