There Are Things from the Past That Still Look Wonderful with Today’s Styles

Back in the 1970s, my mom was a really snazzy dresser. I can somewhat remember the things that she used to wear back then, but I have mostly seen her fashion sense back then thanks to the hundreds of photos she has from that decade. There were so many great things that were in style back then that are very trendy now such as chokers for women and knee high boots. Fringe on boots wa a big deal back then, and I see it on boots now, too. Mom had all of these things.

When it came time to go to my senior prom, I looked high and low for a new dress. I wasn’t having much luck because I wasn’t falling in love with anything that I saw on a different stores. After our visit to the the 11th store that week, my mom suddenly had the idea that I might like to wear her prom dress to my own prom. Her dress from her own prom is beautiful, and she has kept it all these years. It is long, flowing and reached her ankles. It has a sweetheart neckline and bell sleeves. It is cream-colored and has tiny, light blue flowers sprinkled softly across the material.

That day, I was finally excited about the prospect of having something to wear to prom. Mom and I worried that it’s address wouldn’t fit, but my mom is a seamstress, and she promised me that she would do whatever she could to try to make things work. We raced home right then so that I could try it on. It fit great! I am a little shorter than she is, but it was a quck fix for her to hem it up a little bit. The photos of me wearing it with my date for the big dance came out looking so nice.