Why Powder Coating Metal Lawn Ornaments Makes Sense

Lawn ornaments are one of the ways to add a little something extra to the landscape. They can be tucked in flower beds, used to flank a walkway, or even serve as a focal point in an area of the yard that is a little plain. While some people opt for plastic yard ornaments, others prefer choices that will last longer. When metal ornaments are what the homeowner prefers, it pays to learn more about how powder coating can keep them looking their best.

Choice of Colors

Powder coating can involve the use of just about any color the homeowner can imagine. One approach is to choose colors that pick up on other elements of the landscape. This assists in bringing out a particular color and carrying it to parts of the yard where it was not present before. The overall effect is to visually unify the yard and improve the curb appeal of the property.


There is no question that powder coating does protect the lawn ornament from deterioration. While metal will hold up for a long time, the coating adds a layer capable of preventing wind, rain, and other weather from weakening the ornament. This is especially important when the homeowner has paid a significant amount of money and would like to use the ornament for more than a couple of years.

Works for Ornaments Large or Small

The size of the ornament doesn’t matter when it comes to this process. That’s because it’s possible to powder coat everything from a small metal flower to a larger panel that will be attached to an exterior wall. Different approaches will be used to apply the coating based on the size, but a professional will know how to go about the process and ensure the coat is even and uniform in color.

Keep in mind that this approach accomplishes more than merely painting the lawn ornament. Contact a company that can explain how this strategy works and how it will help with lawn ornaments, furniture, and other elements that the homeowner wants to place in the yard. Take a look at some samples and note the quality of the finished product. It won’t take long to see why this method really is a good investment.